is there a 9mm out there like this?

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is there a 9mm out there like this?

Postby k-villa » Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:27 am

The Beretta Tom Cat - small in size (Ruger LCP 380 size), .22 caliber, but has a safety, or long trigger pull and also true dual action with a cockable hammer and shorter, light trigger. I want all this in 9mm though I'm told it's not mechanically possible? Even up the Ruger LC9 in size is fine, as is the Ruger, but I want the hammer. Sig P398 I thought was it, but hammer has to be cocked at all times and no long trigger pull option - dirt and grim or pocket dust, - or stuff in a pocket book gets between the hammer?

.22 mag of the Tom Cat would be cool too - if anything out there in 22mag with these features, i'd consider it - i do like the .22 long rifle round, even better than the .25acp. The 22lr is a small but fast moving bullet, good for all sized things, cheap and readily available. Beretta is pretty reliable too.

Wikipedia on the Beretta Tomcat/Bob Cat 21A
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